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We take great pride in providing high quality grass fed beef by the whole, half or pound.

Our family farm is located in Standish, Michigan. Our grass fed beef is the best because we care.  Our steers have enjoyed relaxed grazing in our rotational grass pastures and have spent winters near the barn feeding on dry hay.

Why is grass fed pastured beef priced higher than grain fed feed lot beef?

ANSWER: A local farmer told me several years ago when we were getting started, “Buy corn and feed it; No matter what the price, you’ll make money”. The reason that’s true is that the animals gain weight faster. Grain feeding is about economics and speed, not about health or flavor and grain is not a natural part of the diet of cattle. It will take us almost two years to get a grass fed animal to the weight a grain fed farmer can get in one year. Our animals grow slower and do not suffer feed lot stress. We use no growth hormones, antibiotics or chemical fertilizers. When an animal is up to a size that will produce 600-800 pounds hanging weight, the meat will contain a delicious fat that will bring people following their noses to your grill. Same with the ground beef fat; driven by the aroma, I sometimes soak bread in it and eat it with a little salt or use it to fry my eggs.

We are marketing our beef at $3.80 per pound based on the hanging weight. Holstine's Butcher Block in Whittemore charges an additional $20 kill fee per animal ($10 per side) plus 42 cents a pound to cut, wrap and freeze.  

I know a beef producer that puts a growth implant in all his animals , except for the animal he intends to use for his own family's personal consumption.  Our slow growing grass fed beef can not be produced at a price that is competitive with feed lots using corn and growth hormones. 

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