Ordering by the whole or half

 Pricing for half/whole
$3.80/pound hanging weight plus processing. Beef will be sent to processor as soon as an entire beef is sold. Processing is a separate cost. 

For example:


One of the last one's we sold was 822 pounds hanging weight.

So 1/2 would be 411 pounds at 3.80 per pound = 1561.80 paid to Joe's.

Processing is 50 cents per pound plus 1/2 of the $30 kill fee = 220.50 paid to processor.

We have been yielding 55 - 60% depending on your cutting instructions so I would anticipate about 240 pounds of freezer beef if the animal is a similar size.

We have beef available for slaughter.   Most orders are taken well in advance confirmed with a deposit, and we then reserve slaughter dates in the processor's schedule for those orders.  Getting a slaughter date on short notice is a hit and miss thing.  For example, most processors cannot process beef during November because they are processing venison.  But, without an order confirmed with a deposit, we can not reserve a slaughter date with the processor.  

If you would like a whole, that is easy; call first to confirm availability and send us a deposit; we will put an animal in the processor’s schedule. If you would like a half you may send us a deposit and we will pair your order with the next request for a half.   These animals are available on a 'first come' basis. We had several customers that went together last year to split animals into halves or quarters.  Most splits are arranged among family or friends. If you would like a half and do not have someone to take the other half, we can usually find someone to take the other half.  We are accepting deposits of $200 for a whole animal or $100 for a side to reserve a grass fed beef. The price is guaranteed only to customers that have submitted a pre-slaughter order with a confirmed deposit.  Deposits may be made payable to 'Joe's Grass Fed Beef'.  Final payment is requested (hanging weight x price/pound minus paid deposit) by check after the hanging weight is determined by the processor. After we receive your final payment we will call the processor to release your order for pickup.  

Our grass fed beef  has a delightful aroma and a taste that has to be experienced.   No grain, no hormones, no growth implants, no antibiotics, and no feed lot stress here where our cattle enjoy relaxed grazing in our rotational pastures. Your beef will be delivered to Holstine's Butcher Block in Whittemore, Michigan. 

Processing charges (subject to change)  of $20 per animal + 42 cents a pound (based on the hanging weight)  to cut wrap and freeze, subject to change, will be paid directly to the meat processor when you pick up your meat.    

 If you would like to reserve a whole or a half with a deposit , it would be best to call Carol first at 541-761-9191 to make sure we still have an animal available.  If we are not sold out when you call, we can get your order penciled in pending receipt of your deposit.   

Want to order less? No problem.

We have individually USDA packaged freezer beef in a variety of cuts. Design your own family starter pack. See sample below:

Family starter pack example:
2 short ribs               1 round roast    18 pounds ground beef
2 chuck roasts          2 soup bones     4 NY strip steaks (boneless)
4 ribeye steaks (boneless)                   2 stew meat        
2 sirloin steaks      
Over 40 pounds of top quality grass fed beef including all the best cuts for only $360. This price includes all processing fees.     


Individual USDA packaged vacuum sealed individual package pricing per pound as follows...
Tenderloin                17.50           Chuck roast     7.50
Ribeye (boneless)   17.00           Stew meat        7.50
NY Strip                     16.00           Rib roast           7.50
Sirloin steak             14.00           Round roast     7.50  
Sirloin tips                10.00           Ground beef    7.50
Flank or Skirt steak  7.50           Short ribs         6.00
                                                         Soup bones      6.00

Enjoy your heart healthy beef!

Call Carol at 541-761-9191 or email joesgrassfedbeef@gmail.com with any pre order questions.

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